SANS No 182. Knife for Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Private commission, manufactured by Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur.

SANS No 057. 'Uli, der dicke Ehrenpräsident vom FC (oder: mia san mia)'

Personal project, one-off.

Scent Dispenser for HAAL ROSA

Product design, graphic design, art direction, packaging.

SANS No 030. Butterknive / Spreader

Private commission, small batch production.

SANS No 033. 'THE C**'T LIST'

Large, squarish scarf in silk and wool. Limited edition of 250 per color.

SANS No 034. 'THE C**'T LIST'

Pocket square with print. Wool / yak.

Display Busts, Heads and Stands for WOLLE ROEDEL

Development of display units for the presentation of mostly hats and scarfs.

SANS No 020. Digital Clock

Personal project, one-off.

SANS Belts

Selection of hand-made sturdy belts in leather. Hand-stitched.

SANS No 025. 'Dogs'

Series of cufflinks in solid sterling silver.

SANS No 031. 'Cuckoo Clock'

Personal project, one-off.

Church Organ

Design of organ prospectus in St. Sebastian, Boppard.

'Einundzwanzigster April'

Short-story for Milchschweine & Sirenen #1, PERIPETIE Verlag.

SANS No 051. 'Mops, einstmals freiatmend'

Personal Project. Limited edition of 12 in solid bronze.

SANS No 047. Mouse Pad

Very sturdy mouse pad in leather.

SANS No 012. 'Smoking Mask'

Personal project, one-off.